Trainee wanted (working holiday makers preferred)

We are recruiting a few English speaking nationals as trainees. They should be interested in the country life and will get training in outdoor adventure guiding skills, Japanese culture in general and language, with a possibility of finding employment in local business like restaurants. We are recruiting immediately (May) until October.  


- Reception, assitant in the Forest Ninja rope course and canyoneering, rope course building and maintenance (both ground work and at height), building and maintenance around the office, developing relationship with neighborhood through volunteer work (weeding for example) and participating in local events.
- Assisting us to develop programs for international tourists.
- Language lessons (English or French) for Japanese clients.

What you will need

Phycial strength to deal with (sometimes tough) labor, love for DIY building and outdoors, curiosity to discover nature and culture in Japan, and international driving license.

What you will get

- There is no salary. Meals and accommodation are provided.
- Accommodation is in a house, to be shared with other staff members.
- Work hour is basically 9 :00 to 17 :00 and there is one day off per week. But this schedule will fluctuate a lot depending on the level of business. We are busy during weekends and summer school holidays (mid July to mid August).
- Excursions to nearby touristic spots are organized on a regular basis.


※Learning guiding skills in adventure (climbing, rope work, swift water rescue, group handling, etc.)
※Getting to know Japan at its source. We are in a small mountain village where nature is abundant and intact. In a quiet relaxing environment you can get to know locals and learn conversation. Driving also is almost a must for daily work and shopping, and as traffic is quiet (no traffic lights!) it is easy to learn to drive.

After your stay

From September, when the business slows down, we try to help you find work in local business like restaurants or hotels, after giving minimum Japanese conversation skills. After this, it is up to you - you may want to stay in the region, or we can help you find work in Niseko Hokkaido, a ski resort known for quality of powder snow and there are many employment offers for English speaking people. The manager of Mountain Life Hida is for a long time a ski instructor in an international snowsports school in Niseko.

How to apply

You are expected to become a registered member of WWOOF (Willing Worker for Organic Farming, a system of exchange of labor vs free stay at hosts with ecological thinking). Mountain Life Hida is a host with WWOOF JAPAN, host code h20430.

Is shorter stay possible?

Definitely Yes, but we prefer that helpers stay for at least 2 weeks, and otherwise you cannot really learn anything or help us. Expected work schedule is as follows -

May - building and maintenance work of the office and the forest adventure park. There will be rope course guiding during weekends.
June - during the week, building continues whereas canyoneering starts slowly. We will try to start programs for international tourists.
July - first half of the month will be rainy. Ayu fishing starts and the fishing technique is very unique, if you like fishing you can learn from local experts. The school holiday starts in the latter half of the month.
August - very busy with rope course and canyoneering guiding until the 21st August. The nicest time to enjoy water in the river and canyons.
September - still some business with university students. Canyoneering is still nice.
October - quiet except for weekends.

fact sheet for wwoofers (pdf)